Thank you for your interest in a cooperation with DK Electronics A/S.
DK Electronics A/S only does business with retailers and traders. Therefore any purchase has to be made, with the aim of reselling.

At DK Electronics A/S we see our customers as our business partner. Our succes is 100% dependent on the succes of our customers.
We aim to have stock of electronics from well-renound , and accessories  for mobile devices.

Our customers vary in size and business model. They have in common that they appreciate a close and easy cooperation with DK Electronics A/S. So wether you are a small, upcoming business, or an established business within your area, DK Electronics A/S is the right choice for you.

All cooperation starts off with a talk about YOUR business and how we can create succes together.

Provide us the following information on email, and we will get back to you.

  • Your name
  • Role in the company
  • Company
  • VAT
  • Company adress

We look forward to doing business with you.